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Did you HOA fee go up by $5.00 – why? Is it possible that there are unnecessary expenses that the HOA is paying for that they shouldn’t be paying?

Did you know that the Park in Tustin Fields is owned by the City, and for that reason, the park is needed to be made accessible to the general public?

Keeping in mind of the following: The City Of Tustin owns the park as they claim, yet the Community has to maintain it by charging residents HOA fees in order to maintain the big grass, sprinklers, trees, cleaning, electricity, and all while the City Of Tustin owns the park. What doesn’t make sense is that […]


In Tustin Field Communities, neighbors live, enjoy, and thrive in the City Of Tustin neighborhoods. And in many cases, neighbors are living on auto-pilot mode, getting work done, getting stuff done, and living… – sometimes, we just want to say, “Hello”, but without saying the actual word “Hello”, and so if you see a neighbor, and whether or not they make eye contact with you, just know, indirectly, they are saying “Hello…”.

Santa Ana Winds strike through Tustin Fields and knocks down Trash Can

Santa Ana Winds Strike Tustin Fields – Trees and Trash Cans knocked down

NO Parking of Large Trailors or Large Buses on Residential Streets (Reminder)

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