Interested in getting rid of that Pillar looking so weird in front of your house? – There’s a way to submerge it underground via a trenching method. may cost $1000-1700 fee

Could you imagine what it would be like if you lived in a Gated Community- is your HOA even doing a good job?

When you’re hungry for some Tacos, where can you order some?

Protected: Imagine if Tustin Field was desiring a Gated Community – The City would say, WELL, SORRY, YOU CANNOT, BECAUSE THE PARK IN THE COMMUNITY is a PUBLIC PARK, and it needs to be accessible by the PUBLIC. (PASSWORD IS: tustinfield)

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Did you HOA fee go up by $5.00 – why? Is it possible that there are unnecessary expenses that the HOA is paying for that they shouldn’t be paying?

Did you know that the Park in Tustin Fields is owned by the City, and for that reason, the park is needed to be made accessible to the general public?

Keeping in mind of the following:

The City Of Tustin owns the park as they claim, yet the Community has to maintain it by charging residents HOA fees in order to maintain the big grass, sprinklers, trees, cleaning, electricity, and all while the City Of Tustin owns the park.

What doesn’t make sense is that the City owns the park and while they are suppose to be paying for the maintenance of the park, the HOA of the community is charging residents to maintain it. Doesn’t make sense.

City Of Tustin is illegally controlling a park while they are not maintaining it.

It’s just like, if a house property tax is paid by another entity, eventually, that person who is paying for it can take ownership of the property.

Residents need to take ownership of the park so that the City Of Tustin cannot continue to illegally call the shots on the park they are not paying to maintain.